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Please contact [email protected] for a free quotation if your Soccer Profile Club account has over 1000 players.

Soccer Profile can provide an assessor who will come to your club/team to evaluate all of your players using Soccer Profile’s measuring resource providing an officially approved Soccer Profile score. Please email [email protected] for pricing and additional information.

Soccer Profile recommends conducting the technical and physical assessments three times throughout the season. This will provide an objective insight into identifying strengths and weaknesses in your individual or teams technical or physical ability. This will allow you to set realistic goals and objectives for specific areas on need of improvement by utilising our support sessions developed by UEFA qualified coaches to support and manage your individual or teams long term development throughout various stages of the season.

  • Initial assessment – Performed at the start of pre-season training to establish your individual or teams current technical and physical ability.
  • Second assessment – Performed at the end of pre-season training to establish your individual or teams current technical and physical ability which allows you to set realistic goals and objectives  for specific areas in need of improvement.
  • Third assessment – Performed mid-season to establish if the individual or team goals and objectives previously set for specific areas in need of improvement have been achieved.

Yes, by joining a Club or Team you will gain or maintain full access to your individual player account.

The individual player may provide the manager of the team their email address or unique Passport number, which can be found in their membership area. The manager of the team must send a request via their Soccer Profile account to the player’s individual player account requesting them to join their team. When the player accepts the request their individual account is transferred to the team account.

The protocol will be that individual players will have to give their new team or club their email address or unique Passport number which is in their personal membership area. The new team or club will send a request to the individual player’s account requesting them to join their team or club. When the player accepts the request their individual account is transferred to the new team or club account and will be removed from their previous team or club account.

If the individual player already owns their own licence (paid for by themselves and not gifted by a team/club), the individual player’s subscription does then move with them when they transfer their account to another team or club.

When an individual player’s subscription expires they will have limited access to their account and full access will only be granted when a further full subscription payment is received.

If an individual player / individual coach / team or club subscription expires all data in the relevant account(s) is not lost and access will be granted when a further full subscription payment is received.

Individual players currently linked to a Club or Team account will have to ask the Team or Club to remove their linked account within Manage licences > Remove from club.   Transferring to a different Club or Team will automatically remove the previous club association.

If a manager/coach changes clubs and their new team utilises Soccer Profile, the clubs coaching director will be able to send an invite their new team account by using their unique Passport ID or email address.

The manager/coach cannot take individual player’s data with them without using the protocol in the answer to:-I have an individual player account how do I join a team?

Upon successful club/team transfer, the manager/coach will maintain their session plans saved in their session planner to their new club or team.

If a coach/manger is fired them the coaching director or the team or club will be able to log the coach/manager out of he team or club account.

The system doesn’t allow you to backdate assessment scores.

The system does not let you edit submitted assessment scores, however you manually input each assessment score into our system and then press the save new scores button, which will then ask you to verify the scores you have input before submitting them.

Personal submitted scores do not count towards passing the level you are currently on, but will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses and manage specific areas in need of improvement to gain access to the next level.

You can immediately gain access to the next level if you are associated with a team or club account, so therefore you can receive a coach accredited score, alternatively you obtain a Soccer Profile accredited score by submitting video footage of yourself completing the relevant assessments for one of our team to evaluate the footage and reward you with a Soccer Profile Accredited score.

For more information please email [email protected].

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