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Our individual coach account is the ultimate resource hub, offering coaches a comprehensive toolkit to propel their coaching prowess to unparalleled heights. This account is a treasure trove of essential tools and resources meticulously designed to enhance coaching expertise, catering to both individual player advancement and team development.

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The coach account gains you access to our online library, enabling you to explore session plans and practices meticulously designed by highly qualified UEFA professional coaches and managers. In the Calendar section, coaches can synchronize their session plans and practice reflection forms with the calendar, establishing a central hub for documenting and assessing player or team development. This ensures clarity and consistency in performance throughout the season.

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Planning practices and structuring sessions could not be easier using the Soccer Profile session planner, with features and functions designed with the innovative and progressive coach in mind.


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We are currently updating the signup process for each account type. To create and register your account, please contact us at, and our team will guide you through the next steps to complete the process.

This cost covers an annual subscription to an individual coach account, granting you access to all the features and functions associated with this account type.

Why delay? Seize the opportunity and register now to elevate your game.

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